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Logo Go Wings

Logo GO Wings is always at your disposal.
Logo Go Wings

Combining its technological know-how and ability to innovate, Logo has developed the web-based Logo GO Wings. SMEs can manage all their business operations ranging from orders to accounting instantly from anywhere at any time thanks to Logo GO Wings. In order for small and medium-sized enterprises to effectively manage their processes and gain a competitive advantage, they need more than accounting solutions.

Web-based Logo GO Wings supports SMEs by enabling end-to-end management of all business processes from a single point, regardless of time and space.


Web Installation


Compliance with Applicable Laws

User-Friendly Design

Fast and Flexible Reporting

Transition to Top Products

System Integrator and Business Partner - Software - ERP Software

As Infodrom Yazılım, we are happy and proud to be on the list of Bilişim 500 IT companies in 2022 as we were in 2021.

Moreover, in 2022, we qualified to rank 14th in the “System Integrator and Business Partner – Software – ERP Software” category . Years of Logo Yazılım experience in the ERP sector and our GOSB Teknopark adventure, which we started in 2020, have a great impact on this success.

In the light of our #togethertothedigitalfuture motto, we will continue to produce digital solutions, contribute to the e-transformation processes of companies, produce and develop domestic software and integration products with our qualified, experienced, dynamic and young staff.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.