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Whether it is e-invoice or bookkeeping, Logo Work-Start İşbaşı offers the best solutions for micro-businesses, tradesmen and entrepreneurs.
Logo İş Başı

Thanks to the Invoice Tracking, Order Tracking, Income-Expenditure Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Check Entry, Current Account Tracking, Cash Register-Bank Tracking, e-invoice and e-archive features offered by Logo İşbaşı, you can easily do all your bookkeeping transactions on your computer, tablet or smart phone wherever you have Internet access.

Thanks to the product information and inventory quantities that you have saved in your system, Logo İşbaşı automatically updates the inventory status after each purchase and sale. The system instantly provides a summary of various reports such as sales performance, purchases, expenses or VAT accrual amount in the desired date range Thus, you can actively track your financial status and plan your cash flow by analyzing your debt/receivables more effectively with the charts that Logo İşbaşı presents.


Cloud-Based Operation

Easy Billing

e-Invoice and e-Archive Solutions

Ready Summary Reports

Self-Employment Invoice

Instant Debt/Receivables and Inventory Tracking