Application Consulting Services

Application Consulting Services

As part of our Application Consulting Services, we achieve the goals of new systems to be established in parallel with customer expectations. Our holistic consulting services include:

Infodrom’s Methodology of Consulting Services

In application consulting services, we use the Infodrom Consulting Services Methodology. This methodology enables activation of systems that can respond at high speed to the rapidly changing needs of companies. Today, technology is developing rapidly. In parallel, the dynamics of enterprises, user habits and needs are also changing. For this reason, traditional consulting methodologies have been replaced by new project management approaches. While increasing project quality with time and budget constraints, the goal here is to produce high value-added jobs and provide results and systems that can respond to rapidly changing needs of customers. It is to adapt to change in an efficient and productive way and try to generate high value for customers.

Uygulama danışmanlığı hizmetleri, “Analiz”, “Tasarım”, “Geliştirme ve Konfigürasyon”, “Eğitim”, “Kullanıcı Kabul Testleri” ile “Canlıya Geçiş” ve “Canlı Kullanım Desteği” olmak üzere toplamda 5+2 aşamada uygulanır. We evaluate sprints (scheduled running time) at each stage. We seek answers to the following questions: “What did we do well?”, “How could we do better?” and “What did we fail to do?”We learn from the answers and dynamically take measures in the next sprint based on the data. We instantly monitor the time plans and results of completed jobs, ongoing jobs and upcoming jobs with daily evaluations. We monitor targeted and completed works as well as completion times on a daily basis. We evaluate all kinds of change requests from project managers, but we definitely do not plan and make changes in the current sprint. We definitely wait for the next sprint to be scheduled. Thus, we quickly meet all the needs of the project in a very dynamic structure.

As well as the methodology to be applied, forming a project team is extremely important for project success. Infodrom creates project teams for customers. For both parties, we first assign project managers. Key users are defined for the modules of customers, and consultants are assigned according to the scope of the project in Infodrom. Duties and responsibilities are pre-determined for all roles under a project. Thus, the project organization is defined with roles and tasks.

System Integrator and Business Partner - Software - ERP Software

As Infodrom Yazılım, we are happy and proud to be on the list of Bilişim 500 IT companies in 2022 as we were in 2021.

Moreover, in 2022, we qualified to rank 14th in the “System Integrator and Business Partner – Software – ERP Software” category . Years of Logo Yazılım experience in the ERP sector and our GOSB Teknopark adventure, which we started in 2020, have a great impact on this success.

In the light of our #togethertothedigitalfuture motto, we will continue to produce digital solutions, contribute to the e-transformation processes of companies, produce and develop domestic software and integration products with our qualified, experienced, dynamic and young staff.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.