Software Development Services

In parallel with the special needs of companies, these are the services provided specifically for the adaptation and development of the software product. We develop software changes (adaptations) that will be made to the standard forms and screens of the product, as well as software necessary in or out of the product, integration solutions and transfer software.

Infodrom Custom Software Development Services

All services including designing the software products purchased by the company to meet its specific needs, arranging the screens, revising the functional controls or general operating principles of the product, as well as providing integrations with third-party software, producing customer-specific solutions, that is, the complete range of software-related services.

Highly experienced software developers and their affiliated teams, with whom Infodrom has been working together for many years, provide these services under the management of project managers.

Business analysts identify software needs. Software specialists design the solution and code the product, that is, develop it. Test specialists and customer representatives test the resulting product. After approvals, it is activated and monitored with application consulting services by uploading to the live system and providing user trainings.