Logo Mali Müşavir 3

The easiest solution for both you
and your taxpayers.

Designed specifically for freelance accountants and financial advisers, Logo Mali Müşavir 3 ensures quick participation of taxpayers in e-government processes with the solutions it offers. At the same time, it reduces the workload of freelance accountants and financial advisors and saves time with its modules designed in accordance with applicable laws for a large number of jobs, from declarations to payroll, from book declaration processes to office management.

Logo Mali Müşavir 3;

  • Office Management
  • Accounting, Fixed Assets
  • Payroll,
  • Operating Ledger,
  • Integration of Declarations into the Ledger Declaration System

covers all accounting process with these modules.


Desktop Installation and E-Solutions

Data Transfer with Excel

Fixed Asset Transactions

Payroll Operations

Integration into the Ledger Declaration System

Effective Reporting