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Inforder B2B

With Inforder B2B, you can minimize your communication costs and gain a competitive advantage in the international area.

We aim to query the inventory quantity of the products you have, the sales prices of the products, the status and delivery times of the orders, customer risk information or current statements of your dealers or business partners within one working day. In this regard, let’s consider how many calls your sales staff or finance staff make during the day, and the amount of time spent answering all calls, as well as the cost of communication and time spent informing your dealers about new products and campaigns…

Here is Inforder B2B for you and all your stakeholders: In addition to eliminating these costs, it allows you to turn many more needs into an integrated benefit.

Inforder B2B Specifications

Organizational Definitions

Role and Authority Definitions

User Definitions

Approval Mechanism Definitions

Level and Parametric Approval System

System Parameter Definitions

Approval Inbox

Assignment of Delivery Dates

Current Entry (New Customer Requests)

Shipping Address Entry

Order Entry

Discount Demand Management

Risk Limit Demand Management

Customer Comment Entries

Return Product Management

View Stock Status

Campaign Management


Full Integration with Logo

Integration with Other ERP Systems

Sample Introduction (Customer Sample Request and Approval System)

Inforder B2B, provides you with a cost advantage, speed and a more efficient working environment against your competitors.

What is B2B that we have heard about on many platforms in Turkey since the 2000s?

B2B (Business to Business) can be defined as managing commercial relations of enterprises via the Internet in an electronic environment rather than traditional methods. Your customers, suppliers, business partners and employees can connect to your B2B system via the Internet with authorization, perform business processes and receive reports within the bounds of their authority. The purpose of B2B is to create a working environment that is faster, more efficient, controllable and manageable for all your employees and business partners.

B2B offers you a competitive advantage while reducing your costs.

B2B makes communication and work with stakeholders simultaneous and streamlined. Therefore, it reduces communication costs as well. B2B offers a unique platform for businesses, their partners, joint customers and employees to allow them constantly share information.

Due to the growing competition between businesses around the world, it has been more and more important to produce and launch products and services in markets at a minimum cost. Production at a lower cost begins, first, with a more economically priced supply. In this regard, as the competition in the world increases even more, the market volume of B2B will increase every day.

B2B applications benefit everyone who gets into this network, while those who are excluded are forced to do less work and make more concessions after a while.

B2B systems save time for your business partners, premises and employees, prevent incorrect data entries and activate approval mechanisms.

System Integrator and Business Partner - Software - ERP Software

As Infodrom Yazılım, we are happy and proud to be on the list of Bilişim 500 IT companies in 2022 as we were in 2021.

Moreover, in 2022, we qualified to rank 14th in the “System Integrator and Business Partner – Software – ERP Software” category . Years of Logo Yazılım experience in the ERP sector and our GOSB Teknopark adventure, which we started in 2020, have a great impact on this success.

In the light of our #togethertothedigitalfuture motto, we will continue to produce digital solutions, contribute to the e-transformation processes of companies, produce and develop domestic software and integration products with our qualified, experienced, dynamic and young staff.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.