Cougar Warehouse Automation

Time and Cost Saving with Cougar Warehouse Automation Management System
Infodrom Warehouse Automation
  • It prevents incorrect shipment. Since the transactions take place by scanning the order, request and barcode code, any incorrect material shipment is prevented.
  • Work costs are reduced as all material movements are run by the system.
  • The major problem in enterprises is the management and monitoring of the amount of inventory in the warehouse, while our system performs this management and monitoring seamlessly.
  • Traceable inventory prevents unnecessary inventory costs.
  • Customers are provided with faster shipment process.

Cougar Warehouse Automation Specifications

1D-2D Barcode Support

Goods Acceptance Procedures

Shipping Operations

Bulk Product Collection

Warehouse Transfer

Counting Operations

Return Transactions

Production Processes

Lot Tracking

Shelf Tracking

Pallet Tracking

Label Printing Operations

What is the Warehouse Automation Management System?

It is a technological system based on the control and management of material movements in warehouses.

Using hand terminals, we manage the material movements of enterprises engaged in wholesale or retail distribution.

All material movements are integrated into the ERP system via hand terminals and software uploaded in mobile devices. In the system running with a bidirectional transfer architecture, the order and product information entered in the ERP are transferred to the software on the devices, and all material movements tracked by the devices are transferred to the ERP systems instantly or in a certain time.

Thanks to the software in devices running all kinds of transactions related to the material, such as purchase, purchase return, sale shipment, sales return, inter-warehouse transfer and counting operations, order barcodes are scanned and transferred to commercial systems.

Cougar Warehouse Automation Management System Modules